A second skin for the winters…a tough look with a touch of feminine class, relaxed, uncompromised, but still put together. That’s how I’d describe this look. Leather was my choice for today’s look, here I’m wearing Naima’s ‘Roma (blackpearl) coat, the textures on this jacket are top-notch, the sculpted work is also amazing. This jacket striked my attention, especially on the textures details, amazing shading and leather texture. It is absolutely irresistible. It comes with two options, so you can choose to wear it closed or opened. I paired it with an opened shirt with a wide brown leather belt, muism new skinny jeans (awesome details on those aswell) with rolled up cuffs and mishima shoes from Maitreya. Again, paying attention on details and textures. The accessories finish the look giving it a more feminine touch. I’m waiting for autumn which is almost knocking at my door and gave up on a little color this time. ❤

Details :

Hair : ‘Natasha’ by dernier cri.

Jacket : ‘Roma (blackpearl) Coat’ by Naima.

Shirt : (part of) ‘Wide Belted II’ by League.

Pants : ‘skinny jeans’ (black) by Muism.

Shoes : ‘Mishima – dawn’ (shiny tan) By Maitreya.


Sunglasses : ‘Logo Aviator frames’ (in umber) by p.c.

Earring : ‘Dianni’ (gold) by =Dela*=

Necklace : ‘Niama Necklace – tarnished’ by Armidi/Gisaci.


7 thoughts on “Urbana

  1. Arabesque Baroque says:

    I reckon this as an amazingly versatile look and ty cos you finally given me an excuse to get that League outfit! Keep it coming Uma!

  2. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Hello Arabesque! Ehe, have passed by it several times and only decided to buy it recently aswell. ty for your comment :))) and will sure do. x

  3. Uma Ceawlin says:

    My avi is blushing as much as me and thank you so much for your comment! It makes me happy/motivated to keep doing it ^^ x

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