sneaker addiction.

Some think it’s an odd addiction and incurable disease. Some define it as a lifestyle. Oh well, I guess suffer a little of that so called ‘disease’ especially when it comes to rare/hard to find sneakers. On the other hand, these aren’t hard to find and they’re the new akeyo’s release! They pretty much speak for themselves. Awesome, as usual.

Details :

hair – ‘Fuka’ (chocolate) by Mirai Style

Jacket – ‘duffel coat’ by BP.

top/underneath – ‘beater tanktop’ (in tan) by [VG republic]

Pants – ‘Bombon’ (charcoal) by SG, Sweetest Goodbye

Walkman – ‘Sports Walkman’ by Ducknipple

Sneakers – ‘Akidaz’ by Akeyo


4 thoughts on “sneaker addiction.

  1. donger says:

    Damn girl, you look HOT! Stop it, you’re making the rest of us look like scrubs. And I’m lovin that ducknipple. woot!

  2. Uma Ceawlin says:

    ahah! Do I?..mmm Lies! I can do better.
    also..thx for the comment but you know dongies, about ducknipple, you just like it cause it has ‘nipple’ on the word. Admit it!

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