Night out

And nothing like dressing up for it. Well it’s still sumer for me (kind of with ups and downs) so shorts and high heels are a good choice with eye-catching accessories. I decided to pair it with a leather ‘blouse’ (another fav, the texture is amazing) giving it some punctuation without overdoing it. This was another great find, I own one just like this in rl but not in leather and I CAN’T RESIST puff sleeves. It’s true, I have a whole closet dedicated to it. Overall, this is still a girly look but with a little twist, my choice for a night out! ❤

Details :

skin . [Aden] Gen. 3 ‘thorn’ in tan.

Blouse/vest . ‘Alexa night’ by Mimikri.

Hair . ‘Ribbon’ (in white) by MMS.

Hair« accessory . ‘SCF flower’ ‘SCF ikura’ by Wild O! (ty Cayce for helping me find it)

Lapel accessory . ‘SCF ikura'(hair accessory/Wild O!) modded/edited by me to be worn as a brooch.

Gloves . ‘Full Finger gloves’ by DoMoCo.

Shorts . part of outfit ‘Buone Vacanze fusain’ by {Gisaci}

Anklets . Sculpted anklets by Maitreya.

Shoes . ‘Athena’ by Tesla.

Poses by AnaLu


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