It’s something I do all the time, in both worlds. I have fun doing it, digging out of the closet something I thought I’d never wear again, or that I didn’t remember I had. Happens quite a lot. It is a challenge to our imagination and a way to clear out what you still want to keep, what you would like to change and what you would rather throw in the garbage. In this case I had an old (priceless) Ivalde’s dress which I have worn maybe, uhm..2 times in my slife (and I was really excited to see again) and p.c. bag. See, the ‘beauty’ of forgetting what you have on your closet is that when you find out, it’s like christmas all over again. Especially if you mix and match with ‘recent’ items you’ve bought. ❤

(click pic to view larger)

Details :

Dress – ‘Konstance black/white dress’ by Ivalde.

Shrug – ‘Dictator shrug’ (black) by Digit Darkes.

Belt – ‘High Waisted Belt’ V.2 *Patent Yellow* by M * A * ii * K * I

Bag – ‘frivolity bag’ (onyx) by p.c.

Hair – ‘Ribbon’ (white) by MMS.

Stockings – ‘stockings 31/silk black’ by *sheer*.

Shoes – athena (black) open-toe stilleto shoes by Tesla.

❤ Uma.


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