street smart.

So after a long weekend and the whole hair fair excitement I had the pleasure to collaborate with Miabella for her lovely blog sometimes It’s a bit more fun to work together and play around with outfits and seeing how inspiration flows easier when two minds think alike 🙂 . Hopefully it won’t be the last time. Going out of the blogging alone routine is always a plus. But I also wanted to share a look I’ve put together today which I felt very comfy/happy with and with some pieces from stores I haven’t blogged before. The ‘bolero’ is probably my favourite item so far and the inspiration piece behind this whole look. It’s very casual like, something I’d be seen wearing on a daily basis. Now, Calypso’s jeans are amazing, but I have to say my favourite piece is definately the stripey top in which I fell in love with. The back detail made me swoon as soon as I saw it. ❤

Details :

Hair – ‘Ribbon’ by MMS.

Jacket/bolero – part of ‘soraya bolero jumpsuit’ (in blue) by IBIZZARE.

Top – Long top/’Love is a gamble’ by Calypso Giano.

Jeans – ‘classic jeans’ by Calypso Giano.

Boots – ‘Classic Moccas’ (light brown) by Armidi Gisaci.


2 thoughts on “street smart.

  1. sevenultralounge says:

    you are wearing my fave hair, fave top (srsly ween had this one a week ago and i ran out in the middle of our convo just to grab it) awesome skin, and yes calypso tanks & comfy boots are always a must in your wardrobe! you look amazing as always ❤ and had so much fun blogging with you the other day ❤ thankies

  2. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Yes, impossible not to become favs. ^^
    I had lots of fun, it kind of cured my hangover ehe.
    Thank you aswell ❤ x.

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