Hair Fair . 2nd round!

Who would have known?..I wouldn’t rest if I didn’t point out this specific store called ‘Dernier Cri’! I can honestly say I wasn’t familiar with it, until I bought their hairs at the Hair Fair! The good surprise about these hairs is, not only interesting ‘hair cuts’ and super cute but also you can buy packs of 1/3/5 and 10 hairs on which you are given a menu with a whole variety of colors and dye your own hair! No more choosing between ‘brown packs/black packs/blond ones…you just choose them from a menu! So in a pack of, let’s say 5 hairs you can choose to have that cute platinum blonde, your familiar black, or the cute reds you’ve always wanted. It’s perfect!..In the mainstore you can find other hairs aswell, including guy’s hairs (I had to get one) along with skins and clothes well, nice surprise! My last stop was MMS and this pulled back ‘ribbon’ (color changing headband) hair might be my favorite MMS hair till now!..Muahs ❤

Details :

Top row.

1st . ‘Natasha’ (dyed in brown) by Dernier Cri

2nd. ‘Mariko’ (dyed in a red/carrot color) by Dernier Cri

Bottom row.

1st. ‘Toby’ (dyed in brown/guy’s hair sold at the mainstore) by Dernier Cri

2nd. ‘ribbon’ hair (peroxides pack/platinum/color changing headband) by MMS.


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