Hair Fair 2008!

I have to say personally I wasn’t that excited for the Hair Fair. Not to the point I’d rush there and blog much about it. But, to my surprise when the time came I was surprisly excited and CURIOUS to see what the designers would come up to. So as soon as I was able to (knowing first hand I’d be facing the ‘laggiest hours’ my laptop and my patience would be able to cope with) I tp’ed there. I was especially interested in looking for hairs with accessories/hats since there aren’t as much or as good as we all would like to see/buy/wear. It exceeded my expectations! Praise the slord I had the patience to face it all, resist the lag and the crashes and it was worth every second! Here are some of my favorites…<3

Hair Details :

Top row :

1st . ‘Hunting’ (chiffon/black pack/color changing hat) by ARGRACE

2nd. ‘Alex’ (black, color/texture changing hat&buttons) by Refuge

3rd. ‘Kitten’ (white) by Magika

4th. ‘Jade’ (color changing hat/blacks pack) by Maitreya

Bottom row:

1st. ‘Chloe’ (color changing hat/browns pack) by Maitreya

2nd. ‘Raina’ (browns pack/comes with several beanies) by HCT

3rd. ‘Fedora LaRoux’ (blonde, 2 hat color options/color changing hat stripe/band) by TorridWear

4th.’Mischa’ (black/white pack) by AOHARU.

❤ Uma.


3 thoughts on “Hair Fair 2008!

  1. Trinitee says:

    Uma.. Im so so happy to see you liked Alex. Always love seeing something I’ve made on another avatar and you look super cute in it. I think each of those hairs are amazing. I did wanna point out in case you didnt know.. that the hat and buttons are both color and texture changing just in case you wanna change them.

    Hope you had a great time at the hair fair. 😀

  2. Uma Ceawlin says:

    ANA!! If I’m not mistaken HCT is on the purple sim! >_< Im not 100% sure, I spent so many frustrating (but well worth it) hours there I’m not sure! I’ll come back tomorrow and confirm it because I found out there’s other hairs I’ve bought (still not featured) which I want in other colors. I’m going bankrupt. eheh! muahs!

    Trinitee!!! I Love ‘alex’! Impossible to resist!..I do know its color/texture change I just didn’t write it down (lol) , so many folders *sighs* and to make it easier I’ve passed the info to a word doc. I forgot! Will update it right now! Thank you so much for pointing it out and for the awesome job on the hairs!! ❤

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