I am a huge fan of mexican (folk) art. The vibrant colors, the symbolism, the life in it. But if I had to name my favorite mexican artist, it would have to be, with no doubt, Frida Kahlo. If you’re not familiar with her art I would advise you to search for it. This lady had the most remarkable/turbulent life, marked by painful accidents and her art reflects it like no other. Her success was (and still) is well worth it of her talent and what she been through which made her start painting. If you’re curious enough, just watch ‘Frida’ a movie about her life/bio starring Salma Hayek and Alfred Molina.Salma’s similarities to Frida and her acting are amazing. Or I just can’t be too impartial. Anyway, it was with great joy (and surprise) that I’ve come across with ‘+mudshake+’, probably you might have been there, looked around, bought something or just awed at the vibrant colors on each item or it’s inspiration and maybe related to her. This place sells from houses (and one called ‘frida’s dream house), to chairs, tables, pillows, paintings, couches, doors, curtains. I mean, seriously, I would’ve bought everything if I could. The vibrant colors, the visual softness, the cuteness of every single thing there just made me ‘awe’ and it did trigger me to put on an outfit inspired on Frida. But this is not just a style/fashion related post but also a reminder to check this ‘little’ furniture place and mostly Frida’s amazing art and life. Hope you like it. ^^ ❤

Details :

Hair – ‘Liya’ (in white) by Kin.

Flower hair – ‘Antie Flower’ (in red) by *TRUTH

Earring – ‘Steel Spikes’ by p.c.

Necklace – ‘Naturalist Necklace’ by Swallowtail

Top – ‘happy vintage top’ by +mudshake+

Undershirt – ‘Laced Trimmed Lady Beater’ (in rose) by Camie Cooper/It’s All Good

Skirt – ‘black diamond allover skirt’ by +mudshake+

Shoes – (worn but not shown) ‘criss-cross ballet flats’ (in white) by Shiny Things

❤ Uma


2 thoughts on “Frida.

  1. Mariya Nesiote says:

    I love Frida Kahlo’s art as well, not only because I like people who make lemonade when they get lemons, but it really is something special. I have to agree about Salma’s acting and striking resemblance appearance wise too – she was pretty much perfect for the part 🙂

  2. Uma Ceawlin says:

    I agree, that’s exactly what she did and she pretty much painted her reality…with her own special vision.
    Salma did an awesome job, I think it was a part she had much respect for. The costume designers and make up artists have to be praised aswell, I think she wouldn’t ‘incarnate’ Frida that well if it wasn’t for them! Glad we also share this same interest 🙂 😀 x

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