More pearls than you can handle

I don’t really know what to say about this outfit! I may let it speak for itself except for the little changes I’ve done here and there. Found the cutest pearl necklace and hair, which I matched with a little ‘doll’s dress’ with puff sleeves. I’ve made some little changes on hair and necklace. 1st : the flowers on the hair were glowy and though I don’t dislike it I felt the need to just get rid of it and make it more simple. 2nd : The necklace, it’s mod so I made it a little chunkier/longer but not too much. I may well be wearing it on future outfits to come. I love it. The puff sleeve dress was just irresistible and I thought it would look cute with all the rest. I’m going for a little kawaii ‘doll’s look’ here with a little ‘vintage’ touch. Hope you like it. mmm ❤ Uma

Product Details : *click pic to view larger*

Hair : sia/strawberry set by [gisele]

Necklace : pearl3 rose necklace by [gisele]

Dress : vega dress – blue by *MIU*

Shoes : slinky stilletos (white) by Maitreya


2 thoughts on “More pearls than you can handle

  1. fiertze says:

    Very Cute Uma, i love that shop Giselle the owners found a way of make the prim and colours look so soft and girly.


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