Sunday Bear

Another quick shopping moment and I couldn’t help but notice this super comfy ‘sweater’ from Sweetest Goodbye, a store I’ve been neglecting and which has some really awesome stuff, especially some (older) cute pants I like to mix and match with other items in my closet. Anyway, it was just when I wore it that I finally decided for the new Mirai’s (fuka) hair with the knit wintery hat on. I wasn’t totally sure about it but today I just couldn’t resist it, and I think it looks just perfect with this whole outfit. The chocolate hair texture is yummi!!! Personally I wasn’t so keen on the top pom pom so I edited it off to make it look less ‘funny’ and more simple.Comfy is the key word here. I have to confess I had my stoned hubby’s help with the rest of the outfit, ’cause seriously I’d just wear this with some panties and sit on the couch eating junk food and watching random shows on tv. LOL. But yeah, armidi’s shorts are a good option to panties (lmao) and BF’s thighs just finishes it off. Brown tones with a little teal touch. Hope you like it, off to sunday lazyness now.

(click pic to view larger)

Details :

Hair : ‘Fuka’ (in Chocolate&Latte) by MIRAI STYLE (edited by me)

Sweater/Top : ‘Dambi’ (brown) by Sweetest Good-bye

Shorts : (part of outfit) ‘Buone Vacance – Ajan Pink’ by {Gisaci}

Thighs : ‘Crochet Footles Thighs’ (tintable) by BF! (tinted in teal color)

Shoes : Crisis Pumps by Tekilah Elytis (color changed to Dark Teal)

❤ Uma Ceawlin.


7 thoughts on “Sunday Bear

  1. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Ana ❤ lol, that is one of my goals/reason why I do this 😉 muah!
    Elka, I have always loved BF, it was about time I’d post something I wear all the time!
    Thank you for the feedback ❤

  2. Violet Morellet says:

    You know what Uma, that’s clearly a very cute ensemble, I fapped to it in the wee hours of the morning, but my question is…where did you get that ring? Because that ring is far superior to any ring other than my wedding ring that I own, the craftsmanship and the talent that went into that ring is like, outstanding. Greater than anything my eyes have ever beheld on a blog for fashion in Second Life. omg THE RING. WHERE DID YOU GET IT. ❤

  3. Uma Ceawlin says:

    LOL! I didn’t give the ring the ‘pic space’ it deserved! 😛 Thats why I was waiting for the perfect moment! :PP YOU KNOW! Designed by our very own Esme Milena! I love it :/ I wish we could see it better. Here it is, I should’ve done it before.
    zomg i made a ring

  4. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Awes, a sunday bear ❤ ‘Headings’ are always something random but inspired on what I feel or the moment. It was actually sunday and I felt like a bear, wanting to hibernate in comfy clothes.
    lol. It’s named after you now and..thank you!!! ^^

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