LookBook . Uma Ceawlin . 2008.08.14

So I had this little glitter (FTV) jacket for some time and I just love it so much but never figured out what to wear it with. The sleeves are just perfect, and it’s one of those pieces which prims don’t annoy/concern you, fitting perfectly. Now the new maitreya’s frenzy pumps are just awesome, the textures perfect. So mixing them together with black thighs and a mini dress seemed the best way to show them off. I always add a little color, make it a little fun and playful, so the bow is that tiny colorful detail here. The hair helps aswell. I hope you like it ❤ Uma.

Details :

Hair – Zero Style ‘Milca’ (in white)

Jacket – FTV ‘Jojo’s dream top’ (part of ‘frozen turquoise valentine’ outfit)

Dress – *Thimbles* ‘Love, Marleen’ (pale gold)

Thighs – Veschi ‘career funk’ (tintable thighs)

Neck/bow – Veschi ‘Le Poufe Pink’ bow (part of outfit)

Shoes – Maitreya ‘frenzy – dangerous’


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