summer rain…

…Isn’t always a pretty thing! Especially when it’s also cold! My pixels are feeling the same, in solidarity! So why not turn it around and grab some ‘wintery’ items from my closet?! I’m not giving up color though!..I mean when it’s all grey outside why not make your day a little cheerful with your outfits? Plus grey and yellow always make me happy! ❤

Details :

Hair – Cake ‘boho’ in midnight

Sunglasses – Emery ‘Aviator Sunglasses’ in blue.

Jacket – *Muism* ‘Hooded Parka’ in yellow

T-shirt – *Muism* ‘Flower Skull’

Pants – KM/Karamia ‘Black Denim’

Boots – Bianca F ‘oxxo boots’

*click pic to view larger?* ❤ Uma


3 thoughts on “summer rain…

  1. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Thank you ana 😀 ❤ :/ It’s raining in porto!!!!…like crazy and its cold!!
    I’m actually near porto, póvoa de varzim, so not only its raining it’s also windy..omg, it feels like a winter lazy boring sunday!

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