La Poupée

It’s not that I don’t like posting a few words along with the outfits I put together, but for the most part I think they might speak for themselves or..I’m just too lazy 😡 Lately I’ve been totally uninspired and my process/method of finding something to wear that I may ‘think’ worth sharing is a little odd. I found out that wearing nothing or as little as I can for some days actually helps. LOL, I’m laughing at what I just said but it is the absolute truth. Also there isn’t much I can do about my moods and how to explain them sometimes. One of them is just digging out old stuff from my ‘closet’ instead of posting about new stuff I find/buy. I will though. You may find this ‘look’ a little bit odd, maybe theatric like, or just boring and making no sense at all. I have been thinking about doing a doll’s house in my attic..maybe that explains it, maybe I just wanted to wear red thighs with red shoes…either way I had fun playing with photoshop. MUAH!

Details :

Hair – Muism ‘Egle’ (in black)

Hat – KUROTSUBAKI ‘elegant hat’ black

Necklace – by Mijn Boa ‘Le Masque’

Dress – SDB/SD Boutique ‘Chiffon Dress’

Gloves – Picnic ‘lace gloves’ (comes with lace/ribbon socks aswell)

Thighs/stockings – Veschi (part of outfit) ‘Career Funk’ tintable stockings

Shoes – Armidi/Gisaci ‘Dalia Pump’ in red.


4 thoughts on “La Poupée

  1. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Thank you Nina ^^ but what exactly?..Well it may happen out of pure boredom and a great interest/addiction in ‘fashion’ in both worlds…and a bit of photoshop curiosity! ❤

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