‘chux’ of the day!

Who doesn’t love coke dreadlow ‘pornstar’ chucks? Actually Who doesn’t love all his stuff at UBU?..Now when you combine his sculptie work with several ‘slartists’ work it’s just magic!! I was ecstactic to find out these ‘chucks’ because I do own some irl designed by several tattoo artists and I’m an addicted fan of them! I couldn’t be happier when at the same spot I found out what I was looking for, for so long at SEY! The ‘wrapped around the waist’ hoodie and omg, its amazing!!! It comes with two versions, its RESIZABLE and you can change textures!!! Breathe of fresh hair again!!! ❤

On a small (BIG!) note I couldn’t NOT talk about this awesome sculptie scarf it made my day when I found it some time ago and it’s just one of my faves now. Created by Japanese designer, Sugar rives, it’s absolutely a must have!


Hair : ”Charlie II’  by FD/Frangipani

Glasses : ”buddy glasses” by Artilleri

Bracelet : ”Pyramid bracelet” by 69

Top : ”GlamTank” (in white) by MichaMi

Pants : ”female dirty rips” (black jeans) by Fetch

Scarf : ”[WaRmth18] Stole” (in gray) by [OZ]HIDINGPLACE

Around waist hoodie : Maki2  hoodie_v3[check] by SEY

Shoes : Severely Ltd. Chux by/at Ju ju’s closet and Weird Monkey. Sculpted by Coke DreadLow.

skulls chux designed by Juwan Lane/black and white ones designed by Xion Hax.


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