pick of the day!

Hai! I have been lazy about blogging, partially because I don’t feel as inspired but mostly because it’s summer and the last thing I want to do is dress up. Well don’t get me wrong, but I’d be ok with just a bikini, small shorts and laying by the pool, but a day in sl is not complete without some shopping, at least for me? I bet we can all say the same. Anyway, I found the ‘perfect’ item to make me ‘come back’ and blog a bit about it. Not bad for 90L eh?

No, it’s actually super cute!..I love the ribbon details on the straps, and you can mix match it in three ways possible. Found it while struggling through the lag at creator’s pavillion and mixed it with possibly the best leggings I’ve seen so far (and that we all know so well) from M*A*ii*K*I and JB’s awesomeeeee sandals. The Hair makes the whole look so fresh and sweet I couldn’t resist it. 69’s hair! woot woot! I think I’ll give it some time before changing again (which I usually do every 5mins)! MUAHZ


Top/Dress : MNK*SHOP ”BlueberryBrownie”

Leggings : M•A•ii•K•I ”Sea” color.

Bangles: ”4 bangles” by Fetch

Hair Accessory : ”Kanzashi silver hair accessory” Kurotsubaki

Hair : ”Egoist” 69

Shoes: ”J’s real toe sandals” in beige by JB Gazov

Skin : ”Rihanna pale skin” Redgrave.

*click pic to view larger*


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