Accessories make a statement, sometimes they bring an outfit to life or accentuate the simplest to most elegant dress styles. I’m a sucker for accessories, whether its a big bangle or a headband to a chunky ring. Usually I’m more drawn to the shape colors and the uniqueness of the design. When I found chicoco I was not only happy to see something different but the prices really surprised me. From the beaded necklaces to the headbands, these pieces are unique, colorful and fun. Nothing is more than 95L which to start with won me over. Also I couldn’t resist ‘baked goods’, this store has the cutest bangles, everything is displayed in trays and here’s one of the bangles I bought. These bangles are scripted, and both bangle and gems change colors. 😀 Perfect for whichever outfit you want it to go with. Also, there was this one store I haven’t been before (GBL) with some really nice stuff and I couldn’t resist this bangle’s bright and colorful textures with an ethnic feel to it.


1st pic: Necklaces – chicoco ”ribbon necklace” (apple and lemon)/”flower necklace marble leaf”/”Diamond and gold necklace”.

Headbands – chicoco ”flower katsusha check”/”flower katsusha gold” and ”green yellow” (packs come with two dif. colors)

2nd pic: fresh baked goods ”gold jelly jam donut bangle” (scripted/change colors)

3rd pic: georgiabean later (GBL) ”coco bangle”

❀ Uma.


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