black keys, white stripes & yellow lemon tree.

It wasn’t until I typed my heading that I realised I had a little colour theme going on here! Actually I hate that yellow lemon tree. OMG!..I’m making no sense, I wonder if what i’m wearing does? Lately I’ve been obsessed with blogging, deep inside I think it will help me sort out my invo (ahah), I won’t need to try hard and remember what I might or not have on my chaotic inventory. :O It’s crazy how I have never organized it and now it’s just too late. Anyway, I’m wandering a lot…Here’s what I wore for like 10 minutes before I was grieffed with bombs and cucumbers during yesterday’s afternoon. For the past few weeks black&white with a touch of yellow have been all over my rl closet. Nothing new, This shirt is really cute, it’s part of an FTV’s outfit which I mixed with yellow kogo pants from Armidi/Gisaci (which I just noticed it’s all over my posts, but seriously I can’t help it, the fact that has ‘undies layer’ is just ‘perfect’ and the bright colors do it for me). Also, love love love periquita’s sculptie shoes. I’m a sucker for round toe shoes. Collar modded and ‘stolen’ from an Ivalde’s outfit. ❤


Hair: *booN ”TOM 14” J&black pack.

Skin: again, D-Skin ”33” (freckles option)

Eyes: LBD LeeZu Baxter Designs ”lightbrown eyes”.

Eyelashes: {bazy} prim lashes.

Collar: part of Ivalde’s ”Evalyne yellow dress” (modded)

Earring: Paper Couture ”Spring Earrings”

Top/Shirt: Part of FTV ”CoutureDeLaMo” outfit.

Pants: Armidi/Gisaci ”kogo skinny pants” (mango).

Shoes: Periquita ”Tie Me Up Dolly” (Light green)

❤ Uma.


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