Live daringly, boldly, fearlessly…

and dress accordingly.

I couldn’t decide whether I should go blond or brunette though. I kept changing from one to the other whitout making up my mind. It works both ways I think, though blond seems more fierce? Bear with me 😉

Outfit Details:

Hair/Hairs: Maitreya ”Loose Bun” (Blacks pack) / MMS ”Ava” (Blonde).

Skin: D-Skin (33).

Eyelashes: {bazy} Prim Lashes.

Eyes: ‘Detour ”Crystal eyes” in blue.

Earrings: Paper Couture ”Art Deco Earrings”.

Purse/clutch: +plus ”Big Clutch” in Croco Leather.

Gloves: (DoMoCo) Gloves in grey.

Sunglasses: +plus ”Adorable Sunglasses” in chocolate.

Top: Armidi/Gisaci ”Hoja Top” in mocha.

Skirt: KA designs ”Euro Skirt”

Shoes: Maitreya ”Mishima Dawn” shiny tan.


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