Today it’s all about b&w for me, focusing on a more structured, ‘contemporary’ and balanced look. Personally I think the simplicity of colors and the small touches on a few details exhale confidence and personality (though still somehow girly and fun) in an understated way.

On a small note, in (most) of all my recent and probably future posts, I won’t blog about skins, because for the most part, I always wear the same one. My chosen one is emmie from bazy, but recently I’ve found another one I actually love (as seen on the pic) so if and when I wear a different one I will definately post it. Moving on to the outfit itself…

Outfit Details:

Hair: Maitreya ”sunday” nuts pack.

Skin: D-skin ”33”

Hair flower: Artilleri ”orchid head flowers” in white.

Nails: M&M ”Pink Nails”.

Collar: MG Fashion – Part of ”Hunting Season Outfit” (charcoal) which I mod/edit to make it white.

Top: MichaMi ”GlamTank” in White.

Belt: Cachet – Part of ”Max” outfit.

Tights/pants: Cachet (also part of ”Max” outfit).

Ankle details: Maitreya ”Sculpted Ankles” in black.

Shoes: Maitreya ”Slinky Stilletos” in White.

Purse: ETD ”Casual Pochette” (black&white)

Muah. ❤ Uma.


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