the flow

Nothing like waking up on a warm summer’s day, opening the window and just be invaded with all kinds of positive energies, the sun shining, birds singing, people walking down the street, the fresh smell of coffee..Your senses are totally awake and you can only feel happy for being alive?…You just open your arms and let it all in, with a deep breathe. It also reflects on your expression, your mood, your smile and of course what you wear. So today, I decided to go flowy, light and free, but I wasn’t really sure of what to wear so after trying three different outfits I decided on this one.

This is a dress I totally fell in love with the texture and how it perfectly fits you. It’s joyful, light, flowy…and simple. Just like the whole look.

Outfit details:

Hair: shop seu ”sexy hair” in black.

Dress: Tres jolie ”chouchou”

Bracelet: Armidi Gisaci ”Towanda Quintet Bangles” in red.

Shoes: Maitreya ”verve pumps” in blue.

Bag: Muism ”crocodile skin” in red.


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