Hai Toasties!

I have finally decided to start ‘my own’ blog, after weeks of planning to do it and finally bringing it to life. So here it is, Toastface has ‘its own lil’ space, right here. As you may assume, this is a bit new for me so I’ll try and make it short and fun taking it (as usual) as a ‘work in progress’. My intention is just to share my personal views on in-world fashion and looks (not that my ‘words’ and personal taste might have a saying whatsoever) putting outfits together and sharing my thoughts and ideas with you. Hopefully you’ll share yours with me aswell. I’ll try to make it as eclectic as possible, just like my style in both lives. Thank you and hope to see you around!
❤ Sexyhorns McToasface


One thought on “Hai Toasties!

  1. Lili says:

    Looking forward to seeing your stuff ! One more blog that will make the fashion feed a prettier experience. :p

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